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1   Link   b Movies - View Free b Movies Online
A great b movie site. They have a great selection of sci-fi, kung-fu, western, and horror "classics" available for online viewing. Highly recommended!
2   Link   Joe Bob Briggs
Official site of Joe Bob Briggs, drive-in movie critic extraordinaire.
3   Link   DVD Drive-In
Reviews horror, European, cult, and midnight movies on DVD.
4   Link   Horror Drive-In
Horror Movie Reviews.
5   Link   MovieBoozer
It all started as a ‘shooting the shit’ conversation amongst American peace workers in Peru who on the weekdays taught technical skills to locals and on weekends watched movies with beers in hand.
“That movie is a six-pack,” said one.
“What’s a six-pack?” said the other.
“It’s a movie that is so bad, you should not be sober for it.”
6   Link   Blaxploitation Pride
An era of its own. A time when American was in a transition from separatism to civil rights. The 70's was a Golden Age on so many levels and the influence echoes around the world in present day. Blaxploitation is considered in my opinion to be the coolest of cool.
7   Link
Welcome b-movie fan. Here is a safe place to indulge in your more unsavory cinematic tastes. You watch them after family members go to bed, your significant other screws up their face in disgust every time you linger over Gymkata. Once, a friend even hit you for renting something really awful. That is all going to change. Here is a website where you can read reviews, talk with other b-movie fans, and glorify the genre.
8   Link   Dollar Movie Drive In
A blog that seeks to recreate the fun of going to the local drive in to check out the odd, sometimes cheesy and sometimes shocking, flicks that you couldn’t see at your local hometown theater.
9   Link   Movie Brain Rot
Dedicated to all things geek with an emphasis on cult films.
10   Link   B Movie Central
At B-Movie Central you'll find:
Detailed reviews of your favorite B-Movie classics - Articles & Stories -
Links to my Rogue Cinema articles - The BMC Cheese Blog - Discussion Forums -
Links to other B-Movie related sites - Downloads and more!
11   Link   Savage Cinema
A webzine, reviews, editorials, and more. Most of it is built around schlock horror films. Good writing. Worth checking out.
12   Link   Cold Fusion Video Reviews
Cold Fusion Video Reviews has been around since the dark internet ages of 1998 (back then, 80% of servers were coal-powered), when the number of genre and B-movie review websites could be indicated on one hand. Or two, maybe. You definitely didn’t need to take off your shoes to count ‘em.
13   Link   3B Theater
Reviews and rants concerning B-movies, cult films, wannabe cult films, guilty pleasures, and other things cinematically challenged.
14   Link   Film Fanaddict News
As the preliminary journal of the genre film both past and present, FILM FANADDICT aims to chronicle a medium dogged by disdain, neglect and indifference despite its constant and undeniable influence on both our culture at large and the evolution of filmmaking through its history.
15   Link
Great review site. Love the layout, and the weird color scheme.
16   Link   The B-Movie Film Vailt
Great selection of reviews and articles, seems to lean toward sci-fi and horror genres...
17   Link   Varied Celluloid
The basic premise for Varied Celluloid is to focus on all aspects of cinema that may seem interesting to fellow film geeks. It was created with the intention of being something different than what you’ll find on the net.
18   Link   Daily Grindhouse
Tough Films for the Rough Crowd.
19   Link   The Big Bust Out Blog
This blog doesn't look like it's updated too often, but there's some good stuff here. Especially for the fans of the "Women in Prison" genre.

Filmmaker and exploitation guru of everything sleazy and horrific. A companion blog to the Big Bust Out website a database that catalogs and reviews every women in prison film ever made.
20   Link   BIG BUST OUT: The Original Encyclopedia of Women in Prison Films (NSFW)
From the Website:
This is a work in progress attempting to catalog & review every Women in Prison film ever made. The website is finished! The index of alternate titles is now complete and I've added a few more classic Radio Spots for your listening pleasure. Now I just need to review about 300 films!
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