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1   Link   Nostalgic Drive-In Theater Newspaper Ads
The Internet's only site focused exclusively on those memorable drive-in theater localized ads from the heyday of the medium.
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A comprehensive and continuously updated web site dedicated to drive-in movie theaters and their history. The site features an online searchable database of almost 5000 drive-ins.
3   Link   Wikipedia - Drive-In Entry
A drive-in theater is a form of cinema structure consisting of a large outdoor screen, a projection booth, a concession stand and a large parking area for automobiles. Within this enclosed area, customers can view movies from the privacy and comfort of their cars...
4   Link   United Drive-In Theater Owners Association
UDITOA's Mission:
To be the premier organization serving drive-in theatre owners. To promote commercial motion picture exhibition at drive-in theatres world-wide. To ensure that drive-in theatres remain a viable and competitive part of the motion picture industry.
5   Link   Going Attractions
The definitive story of the Drive-In theater.
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