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1   Link   The Felicity of Form
This is a great site from a true friend of Big Bad Drive-in!
The creator of the site, and all the wonderful things on it, is Jennifer Griffith Marshak.
She's a wonderfully creative and talented person, and has been a huge supporter of BBDI from the beginning.
Go see it! Now! Go on, click the link!
2   Link   SIGHROLL
We at sighroll spend most of our days and nights playing around on the interwebs, searching every tube in the series of tubes looking for things that inspire us or make us giggle. Since we spend so much time dicking around online, we’d like to keep you productive so we streamline what we think you need to know. So that you can keep your interwebz time to a minimum. Ok ok that’s not true. We know you’ll spend like five minutes here then go right back to filling the other 23.55 hours on facebook. So, while you are there, you might as well like us on facebook. Or twitter. Whatever that is.
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