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1   Link   Becky's Drive-In Theatre - Berlinsville, PA
The official website of Becky's Drive-In Theatre - located in Berlinsville Pennsylvania (approx. 11 miles North of Allentown, PA, 20 miles West of Easton, PA and 15 miles from Bethlehem, PA). This website includes movie show times, pictures, history, souvenirs, directions, weather, and much more!
2   Link   The Tranist Drive-In Theater - Western New York
The Transit Drive-in is the largest drive-in theatre in the State of New York.
3   Link   Galaxy Drive-In - Ennis, Texas
All FOUR screens are ready with authentic vintage car speakers, freshly refurbished and painted for your listening pleasure. Return to the nostalgic days of real metal speakers hanging in your car window, or enjoy the modern convenience of listening to the movies over your vehicle's FM radio with DTS surround sound!
4   Link   Cascade Drive-In - West Chicago Area
ALL NEW!! STEREO RADIO SOUND 88.5 FM or use our convenient in-car speakers.
Pets are welcome!
Ask for our frequent movie bonus card entitling a customer to a free carload admission after 6 visits!
5   Link   Rubidoux Drive-In Theatre and Swap Meet
Want a true, outdoor movie experience? The Rubidoux Drive-In Theatre is the place to go. This is how you remember the drive-in theatre of your youth. Watch first-run movies on our well maintained screens with quality FM sound.
6   Link   Tibbs Drive-In - The Only Drive-In in Indianapolis
4 screen theater. The only drive-in theater left in the city of Indianapolis, IN.
7   Link   Sky-Vu Drive In - Warren, MN
Established over 50 years ago, the SkyVu Drive-In movie theater in Warren, Minnesota MN continues to entertain people today. Since the 1970s, Leonard Novak has enjoyed owning this thriving entertainment business. Leonard and many others close to him, remain dedicated to keeping this historic complex running no matter how many obstacles appear in their path. The Sky View Drive-In has withstood several challenges from such competitors as in door theaters, BlockBuster and Netflix yet still this classic outdoor movie venue succeeds.
8   Link   West Wind Theaters
Locations in Arizona, Nevada, and California.
9   Link   Starlight Six Drive-In
Located in Atlanta, GA. This website is much better than most I've seen. Worth a visit.
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