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Written by The Projectionist   
Tuesday, 31 May 2011 15:38

Thanks for visiting our site here at "Big Bad Drive-In". Yeah, I know, we should've grabbed the domain name that had the hyphen in it too. We'll get around to it...

"Big Bad Drive-In" is going to be your go to spot for reviews of the types of movies that would have played at your local drive-in back in the 50s up thru the 80s. Most drive-in theaters are gone now, replaced by shopping malls and car dealerships, but the memories still remain.

We'll mostly review movies from the "golden" age of B-Movies, the 50s up thru the early 80s, but we'll also review current releases, those of the type that would have appeared at your local passion pit if they'd been produced back then. Now days they go directly to DVD, or late night on Cinemax or The Movie Channel.

I admit, I have a true love for the exploitation movies from the 70s, with a particular place in my heart for those that were in the "Blaxploitation" genre. Nobody was a badder motherf... (Shut yo mouth!) than Richard Roundtree as Shaft or hotter than Pam Grier as Coffy.

This is something I've been wanting to do for a long time, so here we go. We'll be reviewing movies and posting them here for you to read. We're planning to have special theme weeks, where every review is of a certain genre of movie. Themes like "Blaxploitation", "Tough Chicks", "Drugs" "Biker Gangs", "Nurses in Trouble", "High School Confessions", "WTF"... You get the idea. I have enough exploitation flicks in my DVD library to supply this site with material for a long time to come.

So lets build this site, and make it a fun place to hang out. We'll be asking you for suggestions as we move forward, maybe even have a guest review from some of you from time to time. We'll be definitely doing some cool giveaways and such.

Go ahead and pay your admission, (It's cheap, a whole carload can get in tonight for free!) so park your Dad's Plymouth, grab a speaker, and turn off your headlights, the coming attractions are about to begin!

Just one more thing, we run this site on a shoestring, so if you decide to buy any of these movies, please do it thru the link at the bottom of each review. Or you can buy any movie or item that Amazon.com carries thru clicking the banner at the very top of every page. If you see something in the Google banners at the bottom of the page or the right-hand side, please click it and check it out. (Don't just click to be clicking, let's be fair to the advertisers...) If you do any of those things, we'll make a few pennies, and those add up. We also have a PayPal donate button on the right, if you want to do that, thanks to you! This is the last time I'll beg for support. I just want you to enjoy the site.

If you have any suggestions or requests concerning the site, please let us know. Just click the "Big Bad Contacts" link in the menu on the left-hand side.

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