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Midday Madness: Police Squad! - The Premiere Episode PDF Print E-mail
Written by The Projectionist   
Wednesday, 29 January 2014 11:46

Police Squad! was first broadcast on the ABC television network in 1982. The series was created by David Zucker, Jim Abrahams and Jerry Zucker of Airplane fame. Airplane star Leslie Nielsen came along for the ride, starring as Lieutenant Frank Drebbin. (Sound familiar yet?)

The short-lived half-hour comedy series was a spoof of the police procedurals series that had been a staple of 1960s television. Most critics felt it particularly resembled M Squad, a police show that had featured Lee Marvin, and Felony Squad, a late '60s police show.

Police Squad's opening credits resembled many a credit sequence from Quinn Martin productions, a popular producer of television detective and police dramas in the '60s and '70s. (Cannon and Barnaby Jones come to mind.) However, the opening credits always contained two humorous twists: the introduction of that week's "guest star" who was killed off immediately following their introduction, and the announcers reading of that week's episode title, which was always something completely different from what was shown on the screen.

The show was cancelled after only 6 episodes, as ABC felt the lack of a laugh track, along with the series penchant for sight gags and puns made it hard for the home audience to know when to laugh. (That tells you what television executives think of theit intended customers.)

The show later spawned the successful "Naked Gun" trilogy of films, also starring Leslie Nielsen

We hope you enjoy the premiere episode of Police Squad! "(In Color)"


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Our Favorite Movie Posters #98: The Playmates - In Deep Vision 3-D PDF Print E-mail
Written by The Projectionist   
Tuesday, 28 January 2014 12:23

Click to View Larger... Click to View Larger...Our Favorite Movie Posters #98: The Playmates - In Deep Vision 3-D: A sex researcher making a documentary about swingers can't find sex or love in her own life.

From the "My Duck is Dead" website:

This movie was originally shot in 1973 using the Deep Vision 3D process. The film was finally shown in 1975 and 1976 in different cuts. Some were for drive ins and some were more explicit. While this never was a hardcore flick, it gets close to it at some points. This movie was shot off and on when money came in, so it feels a bit jumbled at times.

Overall this movie is definitely worth checking out because of it's rarity and cast of classic porn stars from L.A. in the 1970s. It's a little weird because some scenes are in faded 3D and some are 2D (perhaps because of lack of budget).

It looks as if "My Duck is Dead" has links to downloads of The Playmates, but as always, we'll warn you that such downloading may be frowned upon by both local and federal authorities, but they're probably all too bust spying on your neighbors to notice what you're doing. Right?

One nice thing about the movie is it looks to feature one of our favorites here at BBDI - Rene Bond. We need to do a "Big Bad Mama's" feature on Rene soon. If we can find any photos of her with her clothes on. Well, besides this one:

Rene BondRene Bond

I've never been comfortable with 3-D porn. For one thing, my neck gets sore from ducking all the time, and if everyone in the theater didn't already look seedy enough, the 3-D glasses kind of clinched it.

"The Playmates - In Deep Vision 3-D" is available on DVD if you want to stick to viewing it at home. The seats and floors are probably cleaner there anyway. Well, most of your homes...

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Big Bad Mamas: Christina Lindberg PDF Print E-mail
Written by The Projectionist   
Monday, 27 January 2014 12:00

Christina Lindberg Christina Lindberg

Britt Christina Marinette Lindberg was born December 6, 1950 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Born into a working class home, Christina grew up in Annedal, Gothenburg, together with her sister and three brothers. She studied Latin while in school, and initially planned to continue her studies in archeology.

While still in high school, Christina began modeling. Once she reached 18 years of age, she started posing nude for men's publications. She appeared in many popular men's magazines of the time, including Penthouse (the UK edition), Playboy in the U.S., Lui in France, and Mayfair in the UK. Christina was a Penthouse Pet in the June 1970 issue of Penthouse. (U.S. edition.)

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Sunday Night at the Movies: Andy Sidaris's Hard Ticket to Hawaii PDF Print E-mail
Written by The Projectionist   
Sunday, 12 January 2014 17:40

Click to Enlarge... Click to Enlarge...Welcome to a long delayed edition of Sunday Night at the Movies. Tonight's presentation is schlockmeister Andy Sidaris's "Hard Ticket to Hawaii." 

This is a 1987 action adventure film starring Ronn Moss (Rowdy Abilene), Dona Speir (Donna), Hope Marie Carlton (Taryn), Cynthia Brimhall (Edy), and Harold Diamond (Jade).

Two drug enforcement agents are killed on a private Hawaiian island. Donna and Taryn, two operatives for The Agency, accidentally intercept a delivery of diamonds intended for drug lord Seth Romero, who takes exception and tries to get them back. Soon other Agency operatives get involved, and a full-scale fight to the finish ensues, complicated here and there by an escaped snake made deadly by Toxic Waste! (IMDB)

Before our feature presentation, we'll be showing some drive-in intermission blurbs form the 50s and 60s. Enjoy! 

ANd now, our feature presentation! Warning, NSFW! Contains boobs, blood, violence, large men in diapers, and incredibly bad acting. All the things that made America's drive-ins great!

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