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Sunday, 07 August 2011 17:56

Machete-Poster-4 Machete-Poster-4"Machete! This time they messed with the wrong Mexican!"

I went down to my local torta shop here in Phoenix: "Los Reyes De La Torta" for a delicious "Torta Del Rey" to get in the mood for this review. Seeing the blood and decapitations made me think maybe that was a bad idea. But, with my trusty notebook, pen, and a little Alka Seltzer we made it through.

Machete is a homage to 70s action films. In the seventies it would have been a blaxploitation film. With the Hispanic hero and numerous hot Latinas, I would guess this would be termed a "Mexploitation" or a "Hispaploitation" film? I'm a life long fan of Blaxploitation films, now I'm a fan of this exploitation genre too.

The film is an expanded version of a trailer director Robert Rodriguez shot for inclusion in the "Grindhouse" experience he and Quentin Tarantino wanted to give with their double-features "Planet Terror" and "Death Proof". The Machete "trailer" played along with other "coming attractions" before and between the two "Main features"

The main plot of the film is that Machete (Danny Trejo) is a former Federale who has lost his wife and child to a drug cartel head, Torrez (played by Steven Seagal). He is forced to watch as Torrez decapitates his wife and then leaves him to die a fiery death. Cut to modern day, and Machete has proved hard to kill, and is now working as a day laborer. He is hired to kill a State Senator played by Robert De Niro, but is caught in a double-cross, which leads to firefights, hackings, grass trimmer harassment, and a grand finale fight between Machete and the evil Torrez. There's plenty of blood and guts, and ample breasts and buttocks throughout the movie.

Lindsay Lohan has a role as a drug addicted slut, which means she was probably able to do all her scenes in one take. It's called being yourself. She does give us a few flashes of her still fine freckled frame in a few quick nude scenes. She does have a few fast and funny lines near the end of the film as she poses as a homicidal nun. (Just watch the movie, you'll understand.)

Michele Rodriguez has a great role as the leader of the "Network" an underground organization that assists illegal immigrants. She has action scenes, and some hot outfits in the film, and the character she plays will bring a chill, yet a flash of heat below the belt to just about any male viewer.

Jeff Fahey, Cheech Marin, (as Machete's Padre brother) and Jessica Alba are also in the flick, Jessica in a digitally enhanced "nude scene" in a shower. (Jessica wore undies when it was filmed, then through the magic of CGI, BOOM! she was nude.)

The Blu-Ray includes a digital copy for your portable devices, as well as the standard trailers and deleted scenes. (Do watch the deleted scenes. They show a movie that could have been much altered if they hadn't been left on the editing room floor.)

This Blu-Ray is worth a purchase to action fans, hot female fans, and Danny Trejo fans. Totally worth the time invested to view. Make sure to view the film with the "Audience Reaction" track playing. It adds a dimension of enjoyment to the film.

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