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Friday, 29 July 2011 14:42

mister_x_1967_poster_01 mister_x_1967_poster_01According to a review we found on IMDB: "Mister X, a mysterious thief and master of disguise and his ever lovely cohort, who steal more for the thrill than the having, are brought out of retirement to clear Mister X's name. A evil crime lord has killed his girlfriend (who knew too much) and has pinned the rap on Mister X.

Mister X becomes Avenger X as he takes on the crime syndicate. This film fits in nicely to the Euro spy/crime thriller genre typified by movies like Danger: Diabolik, Modesty Blaise and Operation: Kid Brother. Featuring a wonderful soundtrack like so many of the psychedelic thrillers of the period."

Well, OK, but on the poster he looks like a Batman ripoff, which is probably what they were going for, as it was 1967, (guess what pointy eared superhero was Bat-Popular on American TV at that time?) and it was common practice for foreign producers to try to get a little more mileage out of a bad movie by insinuating it had something to do with a currently popular theme, movie, or television show.

So it sounds like a spy-thriller with a few costumed action scenes thrown in to try and match the poster. Hell, they did a lousy job of that. In the movie itself, as shown below in the 2 minute clip from the movie, the costume looks more like "The Phantom" than Batman.

Maybe Phantom's lawyers were tougher than Batman's, or they probably just hoped no one would pay attention. Also, on the poster, if you look closely at his face, it looks like someone just whispered in his ear that some guy named Batman was here to talk about something called copyright infringement...

I can get a copy of this on the Internet, but I'm not sure it's be worth the trouble. What's your opinion? Should I get a copy and do a review?

The movie itself looks like a badly dubbed, excruciating view, but maybe it'd be so bad... Wait for it... It's good. I like the poster though, it's got a certain flair, and if you could find one, it'd be a great one to put on your favorite empty wall.

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