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Wednesday, 27 July 2011 15:49

The Swinging Cheerleaders The Swinging CheerleadersSwitchblade Sisters was the second movie Jack Hill made under his "Centaur Releasing" label. The first release was "The Swinging Cheerleaders".

Jack Hill grew up around filmmaking. His father was a designer for major studios. Jack went to UC where he studied film and was classmates with Francis Ford Coppola. Both went on to work for Roger Corman early in their careers.

Jack also directed the 2 movies that were huge 'blaxploitation" hits for Pam Grier, "Coffy", and "Foxy Brown".

The film was originally titled "The Jezebels". Upon release it promptly did lousy box office. It was decided the title was the problem, so they changed the title to "Switchblade Sisters". The movie still did lousy business.

The movie is based on the William Shakespeare play "Othello". In this case Lace is Othello, Patch is Iago, Maggie would be Cassio, and Dominic is Desdemona.

Two of the actresses playing female gang members in this film — Robbie Lee and Janice Karman, who played Bunny — went on to do voice work for children's cartoons. Lee was the voice of several supporting characters in the original Rainbow Brite series and Karman provides the voice of Theodore of Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Donut was portrayed by Kitty Bruce, daughter of Lenny Bruce.

One of the members of the black all-girl gang the girls team up with is named "Java", perhaps a cousin or sister of "Coffy"?

In the opening scene, when the bill collector is in Lace's apartment to repo the television, the 2 girls sitting on the couch watching the TV are Jack Hill's daughters.

In the scene set in a classroom, John Voldstad plays a character named "Runt" who Lace kicks the crap out of. The actor went on to play one of the "Darryls" on Newhart.

don_stark_before_and_after don_stark_before_and_after

Best for Last Department: Don Stark, the actor who played the gang member "Hook" went on to appear in many films and television roles. The one most people will recognize him from is his role in "That 70s Show" as Donna's Dad, "Bob Pinciotti". Since he's a gang member in the mid seventies in "Sisters", and he is also a upstanding family man in the same era in "70s Show", it's amazing some sort of time space continuum isn't ruptured causing a catastrophe that only Quentin Tarantino could understand and fix.

bob_lays_down_the_law bob_lays_down_the_law

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