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Written by The Projectionist   
Friday, 22 July 2011 09:50

dolemite_poster dolemite_posterThis is probably one of my all time favorite posters from the 70s Blaxploitation era. I've been looking to grab one of these online for my wall, but no luck so far. The ones I find are outrageously priced or in lousy condition.

Dolemite was a creation of comedian Rudy Ray Moore. He played the Dolemite character in both "Dolemite", and its sequel "The Black Tornado".

The films are notorious for being made on the cheap, and made badly even considering the low budget. Badly staged fights, (punches missing by a foot, fights done half speed like they were still doing the run through for rehersal, microphones coming down into scenes, outrageously bad acting and overacting, etc.)

Even though they are truly bad, they are also the kind of bad that makes for great movie watching.

Bad language, rampant nudity, and of course, railing at "The Man who's trying to keep a brother down!", these movies are the worst, and yet the best examples of the 70's Blaxploitation genre.

We'll go into more details when we review the Dolemite films at a later date. I just wanted to share the poster with you all so you have something to look forward to. (GRIN!)

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