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Monday, 18 July 2011 14:06

BBMII_Poster BBMII_PosterI can hear it now, "Oh my God! Are they only going to review movies with 'Big Bad' in the title?" Nah, I just wanted to get the 2 most obvious candidates for reviews out of the way right at the beginning.

Big Bad Mama II is obviously a sequel to Big Bad Mama. Even though it would seem to be difficult to do a sequel when the main character, (Mama) dies at the end of the first movie. BBMII has always struck me as an "parallel universe" version of BBM. (For those of you not familiar with the concept of parallel universes, feel free to familiarize yourself here. Understand the concept now? Good, let's continue.

In BBMII we find Wilma (Angie Dickinson) living peacefully on a farm with her husband and two "young" daughters, Billie Jean (Danielle Brisbois), and Polly (Julie McCullough). mama_and_the_girls mama_and_the_girlsThe Sheriff shows up, presents an eviction notice, cross words are said, guns are drawn, and Wilma's hubby is soon among the dear departed. Cut to Mama and the girls beginning a promising career as bank robbers. They hook up with a journalist (Robert Culp), kidnap a politicians son, he joins them in the robbery bidness after falling for Polly, (Men seem to love a girl that carries around a baby doll in the BBM movies, could be a Roger Corman fetish?), the politicians flunkies kidnap Polly (definitely tit for tat) and of course the movie ends in bullets, explosions, and apparent death for almost all involved. Of course not is all that it seems, with a few twists just before the credits roll.

girls_and_guest girls_and_guestBig Bad Mama II doesn't seem to have the same cachet for me as the first edition has, for one Ms. Dickinson keeps her clothes on, although the two younger actresses do their best to make up for it. The movie is definitely missing the firm hand of the master thespian, William Shatner, even though Robert Culp is at his finest playing characters like the one he is handed here he just doesn't have the, how do the French say it... WTF? of the Captain. There is a love scene between Culp and Angie, but body doubles were used. Probably for the best. But I do love me some MILF action...

mama_w_her_gun mama_w_her_gunAll in all, BBMII is worth a watch. Especially since you can now find it in a set with number one. It was an enjoyable afternoon for me as I watched both movies back to back. As such, I did notice what appeared to be scene recycling between the two films. When you consider that Roger Corman was involved with both, cost cutting measures can be expected.

Angie still looked good for her age, Archie Bunker's neice sure grew up nice, and it's easy to see why Ms. McCullough was a Playboy Playmate (February 1986).

I suggest grabbing both BBMI and BBMII and watching them as I did, one after the other. Hell, you don't even need to watch them in order, as they are really 2 separate movies, parallel earths, remember?

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