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Sunday, 22 September 2013 17:36

Sunday Night at the Movies: The Guy From Harlem - A 1977 American Blaxploitation film directed by Rene Martinez Jr. 

"Awful--but wonderfully so! Blaxploitation's "Plan Nine From Outer Space" is so breathtakingly messed up you can't help but love it. (Josiah Howard -Blaxploitation Cinema: The Essential Reference Guide)

The plot: The CIA call on a street-smart Miami private detective to help them protect a visiting African princess.

The film is also known as The Good Guy from Harlem.

More info, and the full movie after the jump...


The film has been the subject of a Rifftrax VOD. Several jokes are made about the actors flubbing lines and the fact that protagonist Al Connors is from Harlem despite the movie taking place in Miami.

Rene Martinez Jr also directed the equally shoddy [and controversially titled] "The Ten Thousand Dollar Ni**er", which was re-titled "Super Soul Brother."

Info courtesy of Wikipedia.

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