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Wednesday, 28 January 2015 20:26

Click to View Larger... Click to View Larger...Our Favorite Movie Posters #106: Teenage Mother (1967) - (AKA The Hygiene Story) -A 1967 American exploitation film directed by Jerry Gross and starring Arlene Sue Farber. The film is about teenage pregnancy and hygiene. It was billed as "The film that dares to explain what most parents can't." The film also features a graphic scene of a birth. (Director Gross reportedly paid a hospital $50 for the graphic footage of a baby being born.)

Films of this type were circulated throughout the drive-in and grindhouse circuit during the 1950s tthrough the 1970s. Many times the films would play the circuit, and then the distributor would rename the film for another round. (Thus, "the Hygiene Story" title.)

While most of the movie is typical 60s potboiler exploitation fare, near the end of the movie is a filming of the birth of an actual baby. Quite graphic for the time. (Many films of this sort would include a scene such as this, to give the movie socially redeeming educational value. Ironic that a close-up shot of a splayed vagina could give a movie socially reddeeming value.)

The plot revoves around the arrival of a new Swedish biology teacher at a New York high school who was brought in to teach "anatomical biology." The plot also invloves horny high school kids, (most of who look to be in their late twenties at best), stock car racing, drugs, and a fake pregnancy.

And the lead actress (Arlene Sue Farber) truly has an impressive head of Elvira-worthy hair.

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One interesting bit of casting in the film is that of a young Fred Willard as a squeaky clean coach who protects the new teacher from an attempted rape.

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The comedy legend told CraveOnline that he did the film to get experience in front of the camera. He says he still smiles when he remembers attending a showing of the potboiler, and how the audience reacted when his character protected the teacher from her rapists:

"To make a long story short I was the guy who stopped the students from sexually assaulting this pretty young Swedish biology teacher, and when we went to see the movie on Staten Island, when I broke into the room and stopped the sexual assault the audience booed me. I was the villain in the film! Because she was a pretty, buxom teacher and they pulled her clothes off, and I’m [saying], 'What’s going on here?! Stop this!' The whole audience booed. It was just a funny idea [that] I was the villain."

The film is worth watching, if for no reason at all to watch the title character eat chicken wings as she thinks "sexy thoughts." (She REALLY tears into those wings.)

We've included the trailer for the film here, and while we won't feature the entire movie, we will link to it, with a reminder that near the end of the film, there is the aforementioned graphic "educational film" scene of actual childbirth. (View "Teenage Mother on YouTube)

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