Our Favorite Movie Posters #74: The Ransom (1977) PDF Print E-mail
Written by The Projectionist   
Tuesday, 10 April 2012 12:20

Click to View Larger... Click to View Larger...The Ransom (1977) - (AKA "Maniac... A Killer!) A Native American travels around a resort town, murdering cops and rich people with a high-powered crossbow, while demanding that the town's richest residents pay him money to stop the killings.

Yup, that's the description on IMDB. Even though if you click the poster at the right and enlarge it, you'll see the killer using a handgun. Details, details...

That girl really looks like she's all of a sudden remembered an important appointment she has to get to, doesn't she? And what the fuck is up with the clown mask? A Native American clown killer? Was his Native American name "Floppy Bloody Shoes"?

By a stroke of luck(?) we found the full movie on YouTube. It's your call whether to watch it or not. As for me, I'm running WAY to low on my Crown Royal supply to attempt someting that fool-hearty!



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