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Christina Lindberg Christina Lindberg

Britt Christina Marinette Lindberg was born December 6, 1950 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Born into a working class home, Christina grew up in Annedal, Gothenburg, together with her sister and three brothers. She studied Latin while in school, and initially planned to continue her studies in archeology.

While still in high school, Christina began modeling. Once she reached 18 years of age, she started posing nude for men's publications. She appeared in many popular men's magazines of the time, including Penthouse (the UK edition), Playboy in the U.S., Lui in France, and Mayfair in the UK. Christina was a Penthouse Pet in the June 1970 issue of Penthouse. (U.S. edition.)

Lindberg's modeling caught the eye of movie producers, and she began appearing in motion pictures. Most of her roles were in sexploitation, or softcore erotica movies. Her first role was in Maid in Sweden, an Amrican production, filmed in Sweden with a Swedish cast. However, it was her third film, Exponerad, (Exposed) that made her an  international celebrity after the film and its star was the benefit of hype at the 1971 Cannes Film Festival.


She then appeared in a long string of exploitation films, many of which were German or Japanese productions. She became popular in Japan following her participation in a publicity trip to Japan for Exposed. The trip resulted in invitations to appear in Japanese exploitation films. While working with Japanese producers, she starred in Norifumi Suzuki's Pink film classic Sex & Fury.

Thriller Thriller

Thriller Poster Thriller PosterIn 1972 she starred in a movie which many of her fans probably know her best for, as Madeline in Bo A. Vibenius's controversial film Thriller - A Cruel Picture. (also known as They Call Her One Eye.) Christina's role was that of a one eyed mute who is out for revenge against the men who raped and mutilated her. (One version of the film included hardcore rape scenes, involving Lindberg's character, however, Christina did not participate in the filming of those scenes, as they were filmed with a stand-in.)

As Cristina's career moved forward, she became uncomfortable that exploitation movies were getting more and more explicit. While filming Gerard Damiano's Flossie, she left the set and returned home to Sweden.

Christina Lindberg Christina LindbergAfter leaving the movie business, Christina met future fiancé Bo Sehlberg in 1972, and later started to work for his aviation magazine Flygrevyn. Sehlberg died in 2004, and at that time Lindberg took over ownership of the magazine and installing herself as editor-in-chief - It is currently the largest aviation magazine in Scandinavia. (Christina studied journalism at Poppius. She had supported herself while attending school by continuing to pose and write for men's magazines.)

Christina has also produced an instructional video about the proper picking and preparation of mushrooms, Christina's Svampkola. She is also involved in programs involving the preservation of the Swedish wolf. 

In 2007, Christina Lindberg announced she would start an acting school.

Christina Lindberg Filmography (IMDB):

Hindsight 2020 (Currently filming)
2009 - No Come Down (Short)
2000 - Sex, Lies and Video Violence (Video)
1982 - Gräsänklingar
1980 - Sverige åt svenskarna
1980 - Outrage
1979 - There Is a Sunrise Every Morning
1977 - 91:an och generalernas fnatt
1974 - Every Afternoon
1974 - Sängkamrater
1974 - Teenage Playmates
1974 - Jorden runt med Fanny Hill
1973 - Anita: Swedish Nymphet
1973 - Thriller: A Cruel Picture (They Call Her One Eye)
1973 - Was Schulmädchen verschweigen
1973 - The Kyoto Connection
1973 - Sex and Fury
1973 - Love in 3D
1972 - Young Playthings
1972 - Schoolgirl Report 4
1972 - The Swinging Co-eds
1971 - Yusra
1971 - Smoke
1971 - Maid in Sweden
1971 - Diary of a Rape
1970 - What Are You Doing After the Orgy?

Many of Christina Lindberg's movies are available on DVD and Blu-Ray at

Christina Lindberg - 2009 Christina Lindberg - 2009

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