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Wednesday, 30 November 2011 20:30

Sharon Kelly - Beyond the Valley of the Dolls Sharon Kelly - Beyond the Valley of the DollsA buxom, freckled redhead, who could really act, Sharon Kelly began her career starring in several 1970s' sexploitation films. Her roles ran the gamut of "Nude Bee Girl on the Motorcycle" (Invasion of the Bee Girls) to "Stripper" (Foxy Brown) to "Mother" (Taboo V, one of many x-rated films she did as "Colleen Brennan". More about that later in the article.)

In the beginning she had no real ambition to be an actress, she was a dancer. She danced at a dive called The Classic Cat on Sunset in Los Angeles. She had received several dubious offers to exploit her obvious attributes but had turned them down. She then met Peter Perry of Box Office International. A friend (Alan Wells) had vouched for him, so Sharon agreed to talk to him.


I trusted Alan; he did not 'introduce' me indiscriminately. Mr. Perry (who remained 'Mr. Perry' to me throughout our association) arranged for me to do a cold reading for a movie he was ready to shoot. I had no idea what a 'cold' reading was; my nervous energy let me memorize the half-page monologue in the few minutes I had before the audition. The movie 'The Dirty Mind of Young Sally' and my future were cast that day. Big titties and the ability to repeat several consecutive sentences in a single take. I was gonna be a star.

She also made appearances in Russ Meyer's Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970) and Supervixens (1975), and the Women in prison films Ilsa, She Wolf of the SS (1975) and its first sequel Ilsa, Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks (1976).

In 1975, she had topless cameo appearances in the mainstream films Hustle and Shampoo. (Beginning to see a pattern here?)

While most of Sharon's work was in bit parts in b-movies, she also had many starring roles in such epics as Alice Goodbody (GOSH!), the aformentioned The Dirty Mind of Young Sally, Teenage Bride, and Sassy Sue (not a starring role, as the title star was a cow. Don't ask.)

Sharon in Alice Goodbody/GOSH! Sharon in Alice Goodbody/GOSH!

Sharon Kelly in Sassy Sue Sharon Kelly in Sassy Sue

In 1976, Sharon got married, and dropped out of the movie industry. The marriage was not destined to last, and we fast forward to 1982, Sharon sets the scene:

I was supervising a fantasy phone call business in Marina Del Rey and getting restless. I was almost seriously considering getting a TV commercial agent about then, but I was having a hard time getting up the necessary ambition. Landing one spot for every twenty or thirty auditions and callbacks was considered wildly successful for an unknown. Maybe I was a little lazy after a pretty easy run of soft core movies, I felt like once I bothered to put on makeup and a skirt and drive to the valley somebody needs to pay me.

A couple of the women I worked with in the Marina had done some hardcore and I became close friends with one of them, a very smart, very cool chick who worked as “Becky Savage”. Her experience had been generally positive and not so different from my own experience. Another factor was that I was thirty-two years old, hopefully seven years smarter, and had some confidence that I could avoid working for the more notorious assholes. I signed up with World Modeling, the major porn agency, and started to see who was doing what. Six months into it I was a hot commodity. It didn't hurt that Kay Parker, Samantha Fox, Veronica Hart and several other leading “older women” were retiring. There for a while I nearly had the joint to myself.

Colleen Brennan - 80s Porn's Favorite "Older Woman"Colleen Brennan - 80s Porn's Favorite "Older Woman"

This was the period when she began an extensive career in hardcore pornography films as Colleen Brennan starring in several installments of the Taboo series, and winning two AVN Awards in 1987.

Trinity Brown Trinity BrownHer look might not be conventionally beautiful, but she had a look that worked for her in the 70s and 80s.

In the 70s she was a fresh freckled face, not beautiful, but damn cute, she willing to take her clothes off, and could actually deliver a line if needed.

The 80s came around and she got into the porn business just when "older women" (in porn this can be as young as 25,) became popular. Again, she could act, would take her clothes off, and do nasty things on video tape.

She stopped appearing in pornographic films in 1986, at the age of 36. Reports are that she's spent the last fifteen years in social services working with adults who have developmental disabilities.

Sharon Kelly Sharon KellyEven today, it's hard to find a cute redhead who's built like a brick shit-house and is willing to take her clothes off and perform in film doing things that are banned in 12 states... and actually look like she enjoys doing them. Sharon/Colleen will be missed.


Quotes used in this article are from "The Dirty Mind Of Sharon Kelly - An Interview With Colleen Brennan/Sharon Kelly" (On the website Rock! Shock! Pop!)

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