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Monday, 08 August 2011 11:19

Click to View Spy Kids Poster Click to View Spy Kids PosterThe "Machete" character originates from the 2001 Spy Kids film, written and directed by Robert Rodriguez.

This film is an expansion of a fake trailer that was released with Robert Rodriguez's and Quentin Tarantino's 2007 Grindhouse. Machete continues the B movie and exploitation style of Grindhouse, including using some of the same footage.

This was Danny Tejos first starring role.

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Big Bad Behind: Switchblade Sisters PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 27 July 2011 15:49

The Swinging Cheerleaders The Swinging CheerleadersSwitchblade Sisters was the second movie Jack Hill made under his "Centaur Releasing" label. The first release was "The Swinging Cheerleaders".

Jack Hill grew up around filmmaking. His father was a designer for major studios. Jack went to UC where he studied film and was classmates with Francis Ford Coppola. Both went on to work for Roger Corman early in their careers.

Jack also directed the 2 movies that were huge 'blaxploitation" hits for Pam Grier, "Coffy", and "Foxy Brown".

The film was originally titled "The Jezebels". Upon release it promptly did lousy box office. It was decided the title was the problem, so they changed the title to "Switchblade Sisters". The movie still did lousy business.

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Tuesday, 19 July 2011 17:16

Waste not Want Not

Roger Corman was notorious for cranking out his movies as fast and as cheap as possible. When you make 'em cheap they don't have to make much at the box office to show a profit.

Some of Corman's thrifty moves were to recycle movie footage from previous productions into whichever production was currently moving down the assembly line. if you look closely you can see footage from Big Bad Mama being used in Big Bad Mama II. Hint, if something crashes, it might be a rerun.

Corman also came up with an ingenious method of cutting expenses for vehicles used in his production, paint a car a different color on each side, then you could show it as two cars by filming it with different camera angles.


Didn't I Know You Back When...

Corman has employed many academy award nominated and winning actors and directors, albeit early in their careers when they'd work cheap. Francis Ford Coppola, Jack Nicholson, Diane Ladd, and Martin Scorcese are just a few who have toiled in Corman's factory early in their careers.

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Big Bad Behind: Big Bad Mama PDF Print E-mail
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Monday, 27 June 2011 17:31

Robbie Lee

Robbie played Angie Dickinson's youngest daughter, Molly. robbie_lee robbie_lee

Robbie was born in 1954. Her godparents were cowboy star Roy Rogers and his wife Dale Evans.

Robbie modeled and appeared in many print ads and television commercials in the early 70s.

She acquired everlasting cult status when she appeared in 1975 in Jack Hill's "Switchblade Sisters" (we will be reviewing this movie VERY soon.) Robbie starred as "Lace" the leader of an all-girl gang.

In the 80s she became a successful voice-over actress, lending her youthful and perky sounding voice to such shows as QBert and Rainbow Brite.

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